ZOOMO Zero e-bike LCD / Battery issues!


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Jan 9, 2023
Hello all - looking for some advice! Will try to make this as brief as possible.

I currently have a Zoomo Zero [https://assets-global.website-files.com/5ef41bb456726c3a2ea9838a/630c639207ee338589ab21bd_Zoomo_Zero3 1.jpg]

It has a King-meter KM5SR LCD - https://topeparts.com/product/km5s-r-lcd-display/

I purchased this bike refurbished about 3 months ago as Zoomo was closing up shop here in Philly and their bikes were offered to current renters at a massive discount (I paid $700 for it) I use it as my main source of transportation, so everyday. I also do food delivery part time, so it gets nonstop use.

About a month after purchasing it the key mechanism for the battery broke...you turn the key but it just spins and doesn't release the battery. Battery has been in the frame ever since. I could still charge it so it wasn't an issue.

1 week ago is when things started going downhill. I was out riding and the bike died on me. After doing some inspecting I realized the battery seemed a bit loose and more than likely wasn't flush the the prongs so I was losing power. I wrapped a bungee cord around it to secure it and I was back up and running.

Now today, the LCD (pictured above) won't turn on so I can't use the bike. It started giving me odd problems sporadically last week, it randomly wouldn't turn on, i'd push the buttons a bit (power, up down, combo of all), eventually it'd come on, i'd swipe my fob and the bike would start. Once it was on it was good. Now I can't get it to turn on at all. Battery is fully charged and appears to be secure. If I take the bungee cord off and shake the bike a bit with the battery on, it'll shut off as if it was just disconnected. If I shake it with the cord wrapped around it securing it, it stays on. So there at least does seem to be a solid battery connection. I'm leaning towards it being an LCD issue but who am I.

My question is, can I simply replace the King LCD with something else with the same specs to get the bike to turn on, or do I have to get a replacement King-meter? Is it the prongs that are probably screwed from the bungee cord? Electronics problem? Sucks I can't even get the battery out either.

Looking for any advice to help get me back on the road. Nobody around here seems to work on ebikes, or at least zoomo ebikes so i'm a bit strapped. They had onsite mechanics that fixed everything at their shop but the shop is no more. Closest one is NYC.