zehus info needed


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7:24 AM
Sep 16, 2022
I just bought a used flykly rear wheel and want to build a charger for it as it came without one. (I am an electronic engineer). I need to know the spec of the original charger and the wiring to the 6 way connector. The connector on the wheel is a 6 way female. I have found connector cables online described as 6 pin Jolet which look like they may fit. Can anyone confirm that ?
I have dismantled the wheel and there is a zehus circuit board inside and also 8 double cells, measuring about 25 volts in their current state of charge.
If anyone knows whether the Li-Ion charge circuitry is on this PCBA or is it in the external charger that would be good to know.
Thanks for any help.
You have double posted. This is rude and obnoxious. It wastes many peoples time, effort, and energy.

I could answer most of your questions, but absolutely will not do so.