XP 2.0 Screen Alternatives?


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1:48 AM
Sep 9, 2022
So my boy found out what happens when you grab too much front brake in a hard turn. Nothing is more horrible than hearing your kid eat blacktop behind you. Lessons learned, no we weren't going too fast, he had his helmet on and walked away from the incident with only minor road rash... err... trail rash.
The bike? Not so much. Screen took it pretty hard. I didn't know the screens were just cheap glass, but that makes sense being at this price point. Called Lectric, the screens are on backorder. Mm ok. I had a broken premium display here so have been trying to Frankenstein that to the xp 2.0, turns on, but after 10 seconds I get a E30 error, lights and motor don't work. Plan B, do screen surgery and move the XP screen circuit board to the premium display. I'd have thought the controller had the programming not the display.

At this point, I'm at a bypass. Might just move away from the lectric program entirely so components are more available and then I can get a different screen. Maybe do the duel motor upgrade along with the planned 3 battery upgrade. It's fascinating learning how this stuff works, need to figure out how to download the lectric program and look at the data if possible.

I ordered a display from Amazon but it's coming from China so who knows if it'll be here this month or next. Even if it doesn't work, I can use this for parts or practice.

We have traveled over 30 miles in one trip with this bike and it had just under half battery left with the 10ah battery and a youth rider in pas 2-3. We finally have the long range battery that wasn't sent with the bike when it should have been, so it'll be exciting to see how this all pans out. I'm going to see if there's a loose connection giving me the E30 code, but I doubt I'll be able to get that to work. The circuit board on the damaged display is still intact, so I might be able to just swap displays. Or I'll just order one, or we'll change the entire operating system LOL. Whatever is faster to get this thing operational.

If you know of any screens that would work with this controller, I'm all ears. I'm just trying to learn how it all works and this is a fun little project. I could definitely see making my own e-bikes with the knowledge being gained. My pursuit is one of long-range overlanding with these types of machines.


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