XP 2.0 handlebar grips


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11:39 PM
Nov 21, 2022
Anyone change the grips that come with the bike. I can’t seem to get comfortable with them and just don’t get the design of them.
I like the grips on my Xp 2.0 but changing them isn't that difficult.....check this out.

Thanks JerryB I watched thi. He was having the same issue as me wrist pain. Don’t know how the ones standard should be adjusted. Haven’t heard back from Lectric either.
on you tube I found a very informative video from Handalz. They tout they are “Worlds most ergonomic bic grip but have some very good information on how they tested to des their grips. It looks similar to the ones on the Xp 2.0. So adjusted so your wrist stays flat by resting the palm on the flange on the grip. I will give it a try and report back.
Wearing padded bike riding gloves makes my ride more comfortable.
I can go for hours on my 2000 watt Lectric XP.


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