Xp 2.0 can you adjust for pedaling slack?


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8:46 AM
Nov 21, 2022
When pedaling at PA1 and gear at 3 or 4 I am getting a slack or seems like a skipping feeling. It is just not smooth or solid. In gear 1 or 2 it seems fine. Is there an adjustment for that? Hard to describe but annoying. Anyone know or is there a thread already
FYI. Went on YouTube Pedal with Power channel. On the rear derailleur a barrel adjuster adjusts the tension and problem solved for those that encounter this “Skipping chaini problem. Chris has excellent videos omnXp 2.0 and others.
Also am changing the 2.0 stock pedals to Sgodde metal type MTB to get more traction pedaling. My feet would slide and occasionally slip off the stock pedals. I checked out a couple posts and found that the stock fold ups have a bump in the middle of the pedal so that you have very litt contact area with the pedal itself. The new ones are larger, flat, except for the grippers that stick up. Doing a 20 mile ride today to try them out.
20 mile ride got cut to 2 mile test ride by thunderstorms. However, ops check was great. Could not be happier unless the pedals were free. Feet did not move at all without picking them off the pedals. Solved the problem with slippage completely.
By the way the adjustment to the rear derailleur cured the slack problem. Good and solid now.