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May 10, 2020
Hi all. Newbie to the forum though I’ve had a Kalkhoff ebike for about six years. My Xion neodrive display unit has been playing up lately and won’t retain some settings like date, time etc. I believe there’s an internal button backup battery inside and perhaps this needs changing. Does anyone know how to open the unit?
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The Xion Neodrive is a decent electric bicycle system actually made in Germany by a company called Alber.

In this case I don't believe the display unit has an internal battery but I could be wrong. Did the display ever power on when it was disconnected from the bike?

I sent Alber an email detailing your problem with the display and here's their reply:

Dear ebikesforum,

Please contact your local dealer. In this case he must replace the display.

Thank you.

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Team Leader Service Center
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So yeah it looks like you may need to speak to your local dealer and possibly replace the unit unfortunately.
Many thanks for contacting Alber regarding my MMI unit. The dealer I bought the bike from (50 Cycles) is no longer a Kalkhoff agent and is not responding to repeated requests for advice and information. The MMI is working well, apart from not storing certain settings. Alber have not confirmed whether there is an internal MMI battery that needs replacing so I think I will continue to use the unit and just put up with the inconvenience. I am sure these units are expensive.
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Graham Brown
That's unfortunate your dealer is no longer a Kalkhoff agent.

Alber didn't say if there was an internal battery or not. I would say there if there was one, they would tell you about it in the manual or at least make it easy to access. It looks like the unit uses a 4GB flash memory card. Make sure to check and clean all the sMMI contacts. I believe there is 8 contacts and they say every contact performs a vital role in the proper functioning of the sMMI.