WTB oddball front wheel motor

Hey everyone, new here and new to the e bike community.

I'm looking for an oddball front wheel with a hub motor for a bike I'm building. Ideally I would love a 16" wheel, but I could go bigger or smaller. At this point I don't care too much about voltage or power, 250w+ is fine, the more power the better obviously.

I'm trying to keep this reasonably priced since it's more of a cheap electronic toy to mess with for now until I get a bike that's suitable to build properly, and it's also got a chain drive low power motor on the back.

Right now my alternative is a 12" scooter wheel for around 90usd, and then I have tons of options for 20"+ that are bigger than I'd like and seem to cost more than getting a complete kit with 24"+ wheels(260ish iirc)

I am already aware that I'm building something impractical, underpowered, and incorrectly, but this is not to make a practical bike, just to play around.

So if anyone happens to have some random 14"-18" front wheel with a motor at least 250w, can be ideal motor would be 36v, but I can do 24, or for the right price wheel(s) I can change my build to accommodate a different voltage.

Thanks for any help!