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Feb 5, 2024
Hello, I have had a TBI and just went through cancer treatment, so don't beat me up too much, if you need clarification on something I will give you what I know. I purchased a full suspension 60v, 1500w bike back in Februrary. It finally arrived 29 days ago, non-functioning. In PAS 1, or under twist throttle, it cuts out, cant get above 8mph. Also came, out of the box, with 73 miles on the display. The vendor did not put the milage and power issues together. After countless emails and phone calls over the last 29 days I was told I had the wrong display, from the factory, and they would be sending a replacement. After waiting so long to get the bike, and getting zero support up to now, I am going to assume I am on my own. After reading reviews on the bike and company, I guess I am just not very lucky, most people really like the bike and the company. On to my question, I am going to assume for some reason I have fallen in some sort of crack here where I am not going to get the correct display, or any kind of support. Can anyone help with finding a display that will work with this bike. Feel free to ask question, I will answer what I can but because of the lack of contact from the vendor I don't have much in the way of technical information. Appreciate any information that will get this $2k paper weight on the trails.
Well, i'd say show us some pictures of your ebike and tell us what is the brand name/company of the ebike.
HumanPerson, at this point I am not comfortable giving that sort of information. With all that has happened in my life lately it would be my luck that this company would sue me for liable or slander or something. I was hoping to get some generic information on where I might start looking for another display. Obviously if I can find such a person or company I would have no problem giving this information to them. I just think I would be looking for problems if I posted this information on a public forum. If there was a way we could discuss this offline I would be ok with that. Thx for the reply.
you don't need to name and shame anyone, i'd think yur just wanting to "upgrade"
the system you already have :)

That can be done by a few pics of the display or the name of the display and any numbers on it..make sense?

Nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade to better stuff ;)
I never thought of it as an upgrade, I would just like to get what I paid for, what will actually make it perform the way it was designed. I did not think that pictures of the wrong display would help but I am willing to send some. I will get those together and send them in the next 15-20 mins. Thx for the help.
I've had a couple TBI as well, life gets a bit odd from time to time
Here are the 3 screens that I can access, and the back of the display pic clearly shows it only goes to 48v.


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The biggest hurdle that I can see is the connector, as you can see from the pic, they are using a very proprietary connector. If I had any idea as to where the 5 wires went I would be in better shape. Does anyone have any info as to pinouts? Are they "standard?


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Haven't ran across that one.

Might be someone on here has seen one like that and can help with an upgrade :)
That display is a KT-LCD3, which is quite a stalwart in terms of known, dependable product. If you have a KT display you have a KT controller. They go together by necessity (unless you are dealing with some kind of schlock outfit that has cobbled together some sort of one-of-a-kind kludge).

Which they might have done. The connector you are showing us is a HIGO/Julet plug commonly used only with CAN-bus systems, and KT controllers are UART. In many years of ebike building I have never seen a KT display with one of these plugs. But I know KT (long form of their name is Suzhou Kunteng Electronics Company Ltd.) like many other parts manufacturers will do custom product runs, which clearly this is.

With all of that useless background information stated... something worth knowing is maybe how to get into the controller settings. The three screens you describe are only the display's regular output. There is a fairly rich interface that you can get to if you know how to find it.

Hello m@Robertson, thx for the great information. There definitely is a KT controller at the other end, I sent a pic of the specs. As far as the display, the only information I have to enter the "config" screen is to hold down the up and down arrow at startup. The other pic is the only screen I can get into, I assume you are referring to the "C and P" settings. All I can change are speed, wheel size and motor specs.


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m@Robertson, just a quick note on my previous reply. From one of the few responses I have received from the vendor, I was told that the "factory" was responsible for installing the wrong display. Obviously the vendor should have checked.
Does anyone know of a way to contact the company that makes KT controllers? I would hopefully be able to get the wiring diagram going out to the display and then I could use whatever 5 pin connector I wanted? yes, no?
Thx all for the information, hopefully I can get in contact with someone at KT and get the proper display, or at least a wiring diagram from the controller to a display.