would i have to change my controller if i add a new motor as i want to fit a new display?


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Sep 23, 2018
hi all,

i currently own an e-bike and i want to fit a new colour display to change from my older model display, i have a bafang 8fun G311 front hub motor but that has issues and needs fixing, alternatively if i buy a new bafang G311 motor and buy a new controller sinewave controller with the 9pin motor connector and the cable loom with the green 5pin round connector could i be able to also use my new display which i have waiting to be fitted? as to have my existing motor fixed with new parts, i'm wondering is better to buy new than having the old one fixed?

any help would be appreciated before splashing a possible 100euros on parts to repair my motor or pay that extra for a new motor and controller? thanks

The controller has to work with your motor, and the display has to work with the controller.

There is both basic compatibility, and connector matching.
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i can type it slower for you but that is simple enough for the average elementary school child.
hi, the controller i have a present works with an older display no problem, but because i want to put my new display the P850c which i have already tried connect with my current controller but the display does not power up? unless i'm doing something wrong or ive been a complete apple and not did my research first and bought the wrong display, but was told by a few bike shops here that it should be just plug and play , but not so easy as that
Displays are not universally interchangeable. If you want to make certain they will work together, buy as a matched pair.

The controller has to match the motor.
The display has to match the controller.

It SHOULD BE "plug and play", but, IT IS NOT.
thanks for the reply. this is the controller i have as i have a slim battery. the connections for the display as 5pin green plugs which of course can be replaced or changed if damaged, but my question is what controller can i replace with the image i will send which is what i have at present for one that i can then use my display. just to add that according to the site where i got my display from is that it can work with all bafang motors being middle or hub.


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I will type very slowly.

The DISPLAY does NOT, repeat NOT, "work with the motor." It is not connected to the motor.

The DISPLAY, works with, THE CONTROLLER. It is connected to the CONTROLLER.

The CONTROLLER, is connected to the MOTOR.

Read what they told you, very, very carefully. The display CAN, Not WILL, but CAN, work with all bafang motors.

The display is motor agnostic. The controller is not.

You are going about this ass-backwards.

You MUST HAVE a controller which will work with your motor. STEP ONE

You MUST HAVE a display which will work with your CONTROLLER. STEP TWO

You have a display, which WILL NOT work with your controller. Mistake one

You want a controller which will work with your display. Mistake two
but you see i have a bafang motor, what my question is... what controller can i replace with the one i have now so i can use my display. that is my question
You need to do the research and first, find a controller, in fact several, that work with your motor. Then, rather than choose a controller which comes packaged with a display that is known to work with it, YOU, since you bought the display FIRST, and did NOT check if it works with your existing controller, now have to sort thru the available controllers, for your motor, and choose one that also works with your display.

These compatibilities vary, they vary daily, they vary with minor model changes, they vary without notification. I have no clue or care which displays work with which controller, and ALWAYS advise that controller and display be purchased together as a package.

You screwed up by not understanding what you are dealing with and just purchased a pretty display with no clue whatsoever what you needed, you just bought what you wanted.

Now you can find the needle in the haystack. Google is in your future. Good luck.