Worlds hardest ebike race?

I'd totally be up for that, but it would require investment of $1000's of spare batteries for a one time event.
He was saying 3 days of 15k elevation each day and technical climbs. The most I’ve done is 4K and that took my entire 504wh battery running eco 95%. I’d need at least 4 batteries running eco 100%. I’d give it try to, but it sounds like a brutal race!
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Yeah, I did a GNCC eMTB race and my 504wh battery was completely tapped out (and so was I) after a little over an hour in Trail mode and at full human effort (heart rate average was about 155). 18.5 miles (averaged over 18 MPH) of a blend of technical woods stuff and open fast terrain. Obviously the other end of the race spectrum from a multi day endurance race, but gives some sense of capacity when racing at the limit.
Damn I wish I was younger. That looks like a fun challenge. Thinking about it now reminds me about a joke of combining Norfolk Southern Railway with Way Trucking for overnight coast to coast USA delivery. The company name? Norfolk & Way.
Now I need a nap after just watching it. The daily length is daunting in those conditions. I have access to enough batteries. My everyday battery is 1,100 watt hours and I have access for up to 5KWh worth of battery.

Today's ride would not cut it for training. 30.5 miles, 3.3 Ah or 180 Wh, about 900' of climbing. Average speed 10.9
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