World record ebicycle tour - 27,800km long

200 is pretty impressive to me, but you constructed the perfect bike. They used 2015 Haibikes for 12,000+ miles, both pulling trailers and had no mechanical problems with the Bosch systems although they replaced their front chainrings once.
I browsed the stats and the most important one is missing, what their average wh/mi was.

It's great that people do stuff like this just so that it can be done later by somebody else. It is good to see e bikes getting some press on something they are more suited for. Roads and paths.

Getting 1-2 hours to go ride a bike is hard enough to do if you work for a living. Because I live 40 minutes round trip from decent single track it is easier to just hop on the ARe and bang out 25 or so miles in the big ring or go exploring the island's back ways around after getting there without having to drive.

I assume they were using those funky little front chainrings? No wonder they had to replace them, that is a crappy design. I am going to change over to my Schlumpf High Speed drive here and that has a 27t. I know from prior use it will hold up for years with human pedal input which is all I got. The 112" is ok up to 28 and then it gets kind of mushy. The 148" gear I will have on tap might be a little big I won't be wearing out my "little" ring (see above) as I can use more of the larger cogs on the cassette.