Windway 350 watt folding ebike B20 (as on Amazon, ebay)


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Feb 27, 2021
I would value the opinion of fellow ebike riders on the above folding ebike, it has 14 inch wheels , is this good or bad , at least it will be easy to get on.
It certainly looks like a nice piece of kit, with a long range , and priced at £389 represents great value, I may buy one and sell my Silverfox, my current bike goes great but it currently only going 5 miles per charge, I have got a Smallden 28000 mah battery on order though from Aliexpress, if it's the capacity as advertised I should get roughly Treble the miles I getting now 3*5=15miles, would be great. I would still buy Windway though as I LOVE all this ebike Tech (at least until I get another car)
Thanx for any advice.
Regards Rob.
Don't be afraid to post links here, I think I found the ebike you're referring to, I think it's called a Windway B20 Electric Bicycle:

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Here's a Youtube review of the B20 folding ebike, looks like the exact same bike which is just rebranded under a different name:

So, do you think it is a winner? It looks like a quality bit of kit to me but you never can truly tell until you have the thing in your house?
I may get one , it's great that there are at last a few ebikes out there sub £450 or so, makes them more affordable to the average Joe!