Will start build Saturday;


Local time
4:08 PM
May 27, 2022
Got a Bafang BbS02 48v kit coming. Premium 48v 20ah battery, 42t Lekkie chain wheel, shift sensor, both lock ring sockets, Park tool chain breaker and cable cutter. My Trek Verve 3 has a two piece crank and should remove easily. Hoping the outer lock ring socket will remove the threaded bearings from each side of the bottom bracket. Trek has writing on these that say not to disassemble. Hopefully they will screw out easily without damage to the threaded aluminum bottom bracket.

I have spent a good deal of time researching the build on line and do not anticipate too much trouble.
Chose a DPC 14 display. Have a 3a smart charger which will allow me to limit the charge to 80% and extend battery life. A 20ah battery is probably way overkill for my use so an 80% charge should not be an issue. I am figuring that 20mph will keep me happy for a while so i should not have to fool with the programing initially. The large chain ring on the Trek is 46t and the small one much less so my stock chain length should be fine with the Lekkie 42t.
Build day is here! Got the Thudbuster LT yesterday, moves the seat rearward a good bit but functions nicely.
Enjoy the build and the ride! Sounds like you’ve got a fantastic build. Good choice! Lekkie is game changer, since the bafang chain wheel is not the greatest. I had continual chain skips de-tracking while mountain biking, switched to the lekkie (deeper grooves) never had an issue ever since. Bafang bbs is very easy to tune, firmware is pretty simple.
Went together nicely and everything works as it should. There was a piece of plastic that quided the shift cable from inside the down tube along the bottom bracket that had to cpme off in order for the motor to fit. I ended up running a new cable on the outside of the down tube and it buggered up the shifting a bit. Prpbably too much flex in the cable housing. Have to work on that...

The pedal assist is very smooth and powerful, quite a revelation! I will easily cover distances with this bike!