Sold (WI) heybike Ranger - Class 3 fat-tired folder

I bought an Aventon and am looking to sell my trusty Ranger.

It's got less than 500 miles on it and is reliable and fun, I just have no need for the fat tires and would prefer better efficiency so that electric power isn't always needed.

The only problem with it is that the brakes squeak. I haven't tried cleaning them, but did adjust them and they still squeak. They are strong and effective, just not quiet.

Top speed is 26 mph. Bottom speed, as programmed now, is 6 mph. One nice thing about this bike is that heybike has opened up programming fully to the user and the documentation is on their site. This bike will probably go even faster than 26, but they strongly recommend against it, so I'm thinking that would overheat either the motor or controller. I never did it, and the bike is not geared for anything over 20 mph, so it would be just for a sprint here and there.

The bike is heavy at 74 lbs., so I only folded it a few times. It would go fine in the back of an SUV, hatchback, station wagon or minivan. It CAN be coaxed into the trunk of a large sedan, but holding all that weight while trying to maneuver it just so... Let's just say I did it once and my back hurt for the next week.

It has the big cushy seat on it now, which pretty much makes this bike into a moped, as you can't pedal much without chafing the backs of your legs. I have a smaller one I can fit if you want.

Test ride and cash deal will be face to face in Kenosha or Pleasant Prairie, WI. I will not ship it. Price is $800.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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