Whos rebuilt aventure.2 hub motor? I can't find motor grinding noise problem. Help!


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Feb 26, 2023
Monument, Colorado
Whos rebuilt aventure.2 hub motor? I can't find motor grinding noise problem. Help! I start to excelerate and a loud grinding noise. Took apart motor, all gears in good condition.
Please Help. Thanks
Did you check your magnets? Most 750w hub motors have 46 magnets. Do you know if they are all attached? If the motor has already been reassembled you might be able to check your magnets by shorting out 2 of the phase wires, this causes each magnet to stutter. If your count is wrong or you hear odd sounds it will help direct you towards the problem. There are YouTube videos that can show you how to do this. I have never glued magnets back in but there are videos on that as well. If it is not really grinding but just noisy, did you notice how much grease was in there? I had a Bafang midrive lose all it's grease after only a couple of hundred miles. How many miles are on your bike?
Good idea. 620 hard miles. Mountain trails mostly. When I had the motor apart I checked the magnets. Seem to be hard in place.
Well, if it's not a crunchy noise, just an unhappy one I would definitely go over it with grease. I use Red and Tacky by Lucas because I have a lot of it, but I'm sure people would be happy to give you their suggestions.
It's strange, barley push the throttle and bike excel ok. Push a little more and grinding whining noise and exceleration stops
Rkgeorge, what is the make of your bike? Humanperson could be right about the bearings. If you hold the tire on the bike at 10 and 3 and rock it back and forth, does it wiggle or make noise? Frankly, this works on Jeeps, I've never tried it on an ebike but if there is a cracked bearing, rotating it and doing this should show it up.


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All looks good. Took apart and put together, still grinding and assist stops working.


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i mean i'd check every crevice you can find just to be sure nothing ois floating around in there somewhere