Which motor for Sikk Bike?


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Dec 25, 2018
The Sikk bike website doesn't give any info with their conversion kit. Does anyone know which Bafang motor and battery would be best for the UFO 7 speed XL bike? Just trying to find something fairly simple with some decent power- it’s an enormous bike, and I’m a reasonably big guy. The bottom bracket is 120mm, I believe, so i feel I’m limited with motor options. I'm open for other kit suggestions too. Thanks for helping out!

sikk bike cruiser.jpg
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If your set on a mid-drive then the BBSHD could be an good choice and will get the job done. Run at least 20ah of 52v or extra for about 1500-2000w power.

But with that bike I would into a hub motor as it's a show cruiser for street riding and cruising bike paths. So keeping it clean and simple with a tidy hub motor may be the way to go. Also hub motors are much cheaper and simpler than mid drives. You could step down the voltage and runs some LED's lights for night rides and put in a drink holder for beverages ;)