Which? Giant Talon E+3 or Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0?


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Jun 18, 2022
My roads: no woods trails, but plenty of dirt, gravel, and rock on Adirondack mountain roads with steep grades. Grades trucks can handle. Not talking about the high peaks trails which are foot only and like steep staircases, but nice lonely dirt roads. Plus some highways at normal highway grades. I have a nice comfort bike now, not electric, and am getting too old to do the hard work. The Specialized is about $350 more than the Giant, and may have a better fork, plus, it can be locked for a firmer ride.

Very similar bikes.

Both are mid motor. S has a motor 50 Nm and 250W nominal. Battery 530 Wh. G has 50 Nm motor, wattage not stated. 400 Wh battery.

The Turbo Tero has a better look to my eye, but is it worth the premium?


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I am adding another to the mix, not classified by the maker, Giant, as a mountain bike, but same config. Probably a little less frame because it's called a hybrid, but it has 45mm width tires and should be OK for gravel. The Roam E+ GTS, and it retails for $2750. It's in stock where I need it.


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I would get the Specialized. I'm sure Giant is a quality bike as well, but Specialized looks better by far.