Which Electric Bike is right for me?


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Apr 27, 2020

So I hardly know anything about e-bikes and therefore I need some advice before buying.

So what I did is a test ride at a bike shop. I tested a bike with a Bosch mid-drive engine and one with a BIONX rear-wheel engine. The Bosch motor was hardly noticeable, uphill I didn't really have the feeling that it was an e-bike. The BIONX on the other hand .. well .. what can I say. if I hadn't held the handlebars properly, the bike would have been pulled away from under me. It felt like going downhill in first gear, but I went uphill with 25kmh. Was extremely impressed, especially since the battery is supposed to recharge downhill. But as I found out, BIONX went bankrupt. That's why I'm afraid to buy something that may not be available for long, because of course spare parts such as batteries, etc.,which are currently still in stock will go out and I have no desire to buy a new system after 3 years.

Today I finally decided to buy an e-bike, but the question is which one? In the shop you can only get what is on offer, whether it is for me or not.


1. EXTREMELY hilly. I live in the Ore Mountains and bike to work. The road goes up and down in both directions. And really steep.

2. Should, if possible, not exceed 1500 euros, since it is still a bicycle somewhere and not a home. Less happy, because I handle my stuff carefully. I currently have a 29 ′ Avigo bike, which I got from Toys'r'us 5 years ago for 180 euros. And apart from a few brake pads, it is still original and, to be honest, drives better than a brand new Cube for 2700 euros from a friend.

3. Must drive without a license because I don't have one

Extras features - (would be nice to have) but not 100% necessary:

4. Would be great if the battery would charge while you pedal or ride downhill. Which electric bikes have this feature?

5. I know that there are some systems that you can turn “on” to convert the 25km/h lock into a 60km/h lock. I am aware that it is not allowed and it is not necessary. The only question is whether this is feasible for all or only certain manufacturers. I understand that the battery will drain faster, but does that also reduce the lifespan or the number of charging cycles?

Can someone tell me what would be good for me and which system, especially why?

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