Which bike to convert for ebike commuter?


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Jul 23, 2020
I'm going to be moving soon and my commute will change from two and a half miles to ten miles. I don't want to be riding that distance everyday, mostly because of the increased time it will take to commute, as well as wanting to avoid being drenched in sweat when I get to work.

I have two bikes that I'm thinking of converting. My current commuter, which is a Cannondale Hooligan, or my current mountain bike, which is a Kona A.

The Hooligan is a fantastic commuter. I've been using it for a few years now and I think it's great. It has an EBB for tensioning, a Shimano Nexus three speed internal hub, cable disc brakes, and twenty inch wheels.
Cannondale Hooligan.jpg

The Kona A has been a very fun 26er mountain bike. It has a concentric pivot which allows it to be run as a single speed, which I do. Although the picture below has horizontal dropouts (track ends) with rim brakes, mine has a Reba fork and sliding dropouts with discs front and rear.

Kona A 26er Mountain Bike.jpg

What I can't settle on is which will be a better bike to convert for a ten mile, mostly flat commute. I plan on using a BBSHD with a 10AH battery and a Shimano Nexus three speed for either build. If I convert the Hooligan, I will build a new wheel set with wide rims and put the widest tires on it I can (I think at least 2.5). The Hooligan is also easy to bring into the building I work in and keep next to my desk. I may be able to get away with the same with the A, otherwise I will have to lock it outside in a dedicated secured bicycle cage, although I'm skeptical on how secure it really is.

So what would be better? Rigid with small fat wheels and less maintenance, or a full suspension 26er?

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Is this city or country riding? If city go with the Cannondale Hooligan, if country go with the Kona A. Also if you are in the city but get the chance to go weekend riding in the country, then go with the Kona A. Good luck with your build!