Where's Your Focus?


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3:50 PM
Jul 13, 2020
Interesting (to me). Focus has a new e-MTB (no pictures yet) that weighs 28 pounds and has a removable e-system that reduces the weight to 22 pounds. Cay you say quantum leap?
I'd be interested in seeing it. There's small players out there with "removable" systems and also lightweight fs emtbs in the 26lb range, but nothing with range or too refined.
Harry, the most recent edition of electric bike report has a picture (that I don't know how to move here). I misspoke; it's still in the project stage and uses a new motor system from Germany. BTW, Focus is a German company that reportedly does all of their manufacture and assembly (except frame manufacture) in house. I rode their FS model last year and thought it was a little sluggish and power delivery not as smooth as others. However, fast learning curve.
Harry, German gentleman built a 19 pound e-bike. You seem pretty well read so may have seen it on electricbike.com in their top 10 section.
Yeah, that reminds me of the guys who chase the worlds lightest road bike (sub 7lbs!!) which you could maybe ride indoors on linoleum if you weighed less than one of my legs.

There should be some minimum parameters though for the ebike equivelent. So many watts and range.