Where to get A2B Hybrid Replacement Spokes?


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Dec 29, 2020
hi forum, new guy here , just found this forum.
im an A2B guy , just got one of these A2B hybrid (same as pictured) but 1 or 2 spokes need replacement, my local bike shop guy said id need a special spoke becos its the hub wheel where the motor is,, so it needs a certain style or size i guess. does any one know how to source the spokes for these bikes ? figure id go on ebay but im seeing all kinds of sizes and configurations of spokes, so i dont know which one to get
thanks in advance
There is a guy on Ebay who makes spokes to your specifications. I believe his Ebay "handle" or name is YOJIMBO'S GARAGE. Good Luck. Please let me know how you make out sourcing spokes.
Looks like ebay shut down all the listings on his ebay store - https://www.ebay.com/str/yojimbosgarage

You can still get in contact with him via email. Looks like he also has a shop if you're in the Chicago area: https://goo.gl/maps/CFbpqw7dCoXApM9V8

** July 14, 2020 UPDATE: Ebay removed my listings. Not sure of the problem. I'm working with them to re-list. In the mean time- contact me directly using information below. ** * JULY 2020: a bit behind schedule with shipping and answering emails after busy, etc spring; pls be patient. * Yojimbo’s Garage is a single-location, brick and mortar bicycle shop at 1310 N Clybourn Ave on Chicago’s near North side, established in 1997, telephone 312-587-0878, marcus@yojimbosgarage.com or yojimbo.chicago@gmail.com Over 25 years professional wheel building experience, a range of rims and hubs available as well as most DT Swiss, Sapim, Wheelsmith and other spokes and have a Phil Wood spoke machine that gets regular use. Supplying for other wheelbuilders is a focus. Check www.yojimbosgarage.com (a little outdated, sorry). Ask any questions you want and visit my bike shop next time you're in Chicago- open Fridays 2-7, Saturdays and Sundays 12-4, Mondays 2-7pm and by appointment. -Marcus Moore
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Thank you for the information. Another option for you. I see A2B ebike wheels on Ebay at low BIN prices. There is one right now @ $70 and it includes a motor.