Suspension Where can I get a dnm shock rebuild kit for an aoy-36rc?

Having a rough time finding this...
Not sure if there would be kits available, but you could contact dnm.

If not, I'd take the seals/o-rings out and go to an industrial supplier and they should at least have all the required o-rings, but I've never actually seen the seal setup or internals of that shock. If it's holding air fine you could always get some slickoleum, some 85wt synthetic gear oil for lubrication and just clean/relube everything to reduce stiction, but it could get complicated if you want to replace the damper fluid as I'm pretty sure it's nitrogen charged.

If the bushings are shot, they take 12mm ODx8mm ID alloy rod , not 12.7mmx8mm, with 18x12mm solid urethane rod for spacers which are both cheap to buy. I have a burner rc2 and I buy lengths of each and cut new bushings with a pipe cutter every few months. 12mm ID polymer eyelet bushings are cheap. The mounting is basically older BOS, ohlins, xfusion and specialised style.

I've actually got an aoy-36rc here that I haven't used yet but it looks decent for the $100 I paid for it.
Air shock,. Main and negative pressure. And it leaks
I'd just pull it apart and salvage whatever rings and seals are there and take them to an industrial seal supplier. Most of the smaller ones will help out with little orders and usually there's nothing fancy about the o-rings.

If the damping still works, a basic air spring service shouldn't be too hard to achieve.