What would you change about your bike?


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Jul 6, 2022
Hi all, I'm planning to pick up a conversion kit for my bike. Out of curiosity, thought it would be interesting to get some opinions.

For everyone who already put together or purchased their bike, is there anything that you would change? More torque? More range? Less weight?
Thru-axles, Gates belt drive.

20190315_135236 (2).jpg
I bought a new 20mAH battery for my Magicycle bike, that can help me for the longer riding range!!!
heybike Ranger -
  • Build the brakes so they don't screech all the time
  • Upgrade the pedals; stock ones squeaked and are flexy
  • Better seat
  • 2.5" wide road tires with puncture resistance, instead of 4" fat knobbies
Sailnovo -
  • Change how the firmware recognizes pedaling to be a little smarter. (ghost pedaling doesn't work; it cuts off when it can tell we're not helping any more)
  • Better seat
  • Stronger headlight
  • Lighter weight (50 lbs. seems like a lot for a bike of this size and capability level)
I do realize that any eBike that is budget-friendly is going to have some things that could be improved. I'm OK improving the things I can over time, but some things can't easily be fixed. (like the screeching brakes on the Ranger)