What made you buy your first e-bike?


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Jun 22, 2018
I'm curious what made you buy your first e-bike? I have a bad knee and love the idea of the ebike for people like me.
I wanted one after riding a manufactured ebike from trek and thinking that I'd like to ride more but time is often in short supply so commuting would be ideal. I live 12 miles from work and start promptly at 6:30am and didn't want to have to get up so early and give up that much time before (and after) work so an ebike was a happy medium of getting some additional exercise while also serving a purpose. My fiance also has a bad knee(s) so I "justified" my purchase as a means to test it for her as she would really benefit from being able to get it and ride a bike for exercise. On a normal bike she can't ride very fast or in too high of a gear.
I wanted to ride to work, but at 10 miles and numerous hills it always took me too long and wore me out. Not to mention that climbing the hills at 4-5 mph with cars whizzing by was not that enticing. E-Bike leveled the field.
I loved riding a bike as a kid, but as an older dude (62) out of shape with medical issues I could no longer ride my bike without severe stress. I saw an ad for an E-bike and it interested me. I went to my local bike store and they had some. I tried one out and within minutes of the ride I came back and said I'll take two! It brought back that feeling I had as kid, freedom and exploration! Since then I have lost 15 pounds and just love riding again, exploring my community and finding and riding on new trails all over.
Replaced my car with an electric bike 9 years ago, I live in a small touristic town in the Appalachian, I have a shop in town and live close by, I find 99% of my needs in the village, so no need for a car, cheaper to rent it occasionally if you don't need it often. Been in the ebike business ever since, built many different types of bikes.
Bought an aventon and fell in love with riding a bike again. I now have three and bike almost every day. I have so much fun on my bikes and I’ve lost weight and feel healthier. I never Expected ebikes to change my life so much but they have.