What Lectric folding ebike would you buy in a heart beat?


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Mar 11, 2023
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So what Lectric folding ebike would you buy in a heart beat from their overwhelming list ?


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Depends on your riding style and needs......I have the XP 2.0.......great bike for local riding....great bike to take camping......great bike for an old fart who wants some exercise.......how do you ride?
I need it for going to a parking structure to a construction job sight and to lunch off sight and on week ends along trails
Do you know if the ebike will fold with the front and rear baskets?
Can't speak for the baskets....don't have them. My bike is step thru model......it folds well and fits in back of my pick up well......the bike weighs 64 lbs....I have the smaller battery......I ride in PA 1 most of the time......I can get 20 to 25 miles before charging. Higher PAs will use more battery power. They didn't offer the larger battery when I got my bike.......if I ordered today.....I'd go for the bigger battery. Good luck.
I have the XP Lite; I'd buy that one again in a heartbeat. Reason? It is actually light enough that it makes sense to fold it and take it with. With most of their other folding eBikes, it's questionable, at 60+ lbs. Build quality and component quality is good. Execution is good.

I would also buy the Xpedition Dual Battery, if I were able to ride more than I am. Something like that with a big, strong rack makes sense as an urban car replacement. (even in Wisconsin, but ESPECIALLY in warmer climates) I'd probably look for some way to fully utilize the rear rack with panniers AND A trunk. Then, use the front rack with a bungee net. It would be realistic to do grocery runs in this manner, even if liquids and paper goods were needed.

I'm about done with fat & knobby tired bikes that are unnecessarily inefficient on pavement. I don't ride offroad and I bet a lot of us don't. Instead of the fat tires, keep the front suspension and add a quality shock in the seatpost, like Suntour.