What is going on...with Aventon ?

Coco Mas Sarda

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4:08 PM
Oct 10, 2021
Never in my life, have I been so humiliated by a company.
Bought my Aventon Aventure, because it was the closest to what I needed and could afford. Eight weeks later, the bike was delivered to my home in Florida.
One end of the box, had come open, all the big staples ripped off, and box end re taped shut. Well the bike was not damaged, with the exception of the back fender side bars. They were bent awkwardly, so I had to take off, straighten, and re install. All well, so far, the bike was assembled. Then came the futile moment. What is the good of an ebike, without a charged battery ? Took out brand new charger, plugged it in to my brand new battery, and plugged into wall AC source, and what ? Nothing, nothing, nothing. Reread the instructions, 100 times, and since 09-26-2021, I have a brand new Aventon ebike, without the means to be able to charge the battery.
Since that date, I have sent multiple emails by their platform means, filed multiple Warranty claims by their platform means, and to this day 10-10-2021, I have not received anything...other than the usual automated message...'We got this, be patient, we will be addressing your concern, within the next 4-5 days'. What can I do ?
Does anyone have a Aventon Aventure charger that they want to sell, rent to me ?
Have verified the charger is not working by checking its output with a voltmeter. It should read around 54.5 volt DC. If you don't have a meter or don't know how to check it any mechanic would have meter and I'm sure they could check it for you.

If you verify it has no output the label should tell you all the specs for the charger and you will be able to find a new one on Amazon for less than $25.00 US
My new bike arrived with a bad charger. For almost three weeks, I could not ride my new Aventure. Finally, received another charger that seems to work.
You shouldn't have to spend for anything. Aventon should send you a replacement ASAP via FedEx. I was missing a single bolt when my shipment of Level came and it took them three tries to finally send me what I needed.