What is destroying my speed controllers?


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9:13 AM
May 8, 2024
Anderson, Indiana
I have a tadpole trike I built with an electric hub for power. I have used it for several years using three 12V sealed lead acid batteries wired in series.
The controller is 36v 500W. I bought it in a kit that came with it, a throttle, brake levers and the hub which runs on my rear wheel
This year I bought a 36V 30ah lithium battery.
I hooked it up, drove about 3 blocks and the speed controller quit working.
I bought a replacement, hooked it up and rode less than a mile before it went dead, too. Both times it happened while operating at full throttle
The speed controller was not hot at all
I know lithium batteries have a high discharge rate and deliver a lot of power at once. I would think that any controller would be able to handle that, though.
What could be causing this? A bad motor? The battery? Bad luck?
Should I buy a 750W controller? If I did, what differences would it make?
Thank you very much for any advice you can give me.

The maximum discharge rate of the battery is 25 amps