Well I did it, I bought an e-bike

Congratulations on the eBike purchase! It looks like a quality bike. I’m impressed with the full UL certification: battery AND bike system. (Probably the charger too)

I’m impressed too that you came here and asked questions and read up a bit BEFORE buying the bike. Most folks don’t do that.

They made other smart choices too:
  • Street tread tires instead of knobbies; it’ll roll nicely to get the most of the battery pack
  • Plush seat stock (instead of making it an extra)
  • Center stand
  • 500/900 W motor. I like that they’re transparent about the motor ratings. Some companies would just call it 900 W. (and 500 W is plenty; you’ll see.)
  • 4-piston hydraulic brakes!
Make sure you have a tire pump at work.

Be ready for the cadence sensor. When you start pedaling, it will accelerate you to a speed commensurate with the setting. It’s disconcerting at first. Keep it at a low setting until you get used to it.

Mounting the front wheel may be tricky, but I think the center stand will help a lot there. If not, don’t be afraid to mount the handle bar first, then flip the bike over to mount the front wheel. Just be careful not to smash the display when it’s flipped; rotate it out of the way first. Be careful to keep the wheel straight once the brake disc is between the calipers; it’s easy to tweak if you’re ham-fisted with it.

I can’t wait to read your first reports!
Nice looking bike. Make sure you lock it up! I love riding my ebike. I always take the long way home exploring every possible road or alley. Keep slime in your tires for nasty things like glass, thorns, nails. Do you have your bike yet? Hope you picked the Forest Green. Very pretty color. Better than black or grey. In my opinion.
Yeah, I got the Forest Green. I've had it for 6 days now. I'm riding in this weekend, then leaving a review.

It's Definitely being locked up with a Litelok X1 and a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit1410 chain!

I'm also going to be installing 2 different alarms and a GPS tracker.
How does one find out about the local ebikes culture?
I would start by searching Facebook groups.

My local road bike club has a couple eBikers, though they are road eBikes and they just have them because they're too old to keep up with the young 'uns any more.

Try Meetup too.
The Go 1 looks similar to my Alibaba cargo ebike purchased last year: