weird problem in e-byke motor


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Dec 17, 2021
Hello ,I have an E-byke with a problem as follows:
at first when i try topaddle or use the throtle the motor doesnt start.
but when i manually rotate the wheel grually the motor starts and after a minute works just fine.
its as if something makes its hard for the motor to rotate.
when i manually rorate the paddle then te motor s is breaks free :)
so i thought a lubricant is missing some where.
i have bought a greese and a spray that lubes and anti rust for the chain as shown uploaded bellow.
also i have taken the photos of my byke.

where should i put the lubricant to make the motor run smooth?
what should i use,my greese or my spray?

It sounds and looks like your wheel bearings need some greasing. WD40 will actually wash the grease out of the bearings so you can use it to clean up the bearings when you get access to them. WD-40 is “Water Displacement formula number 40”. It’s primary intent is to displace water. It contains petroleum based solvents and is flammable. It's more of a cleaning product but keep it away from electrical components.

Your grease will be OK to use on the wheel bearings but you need to take your wheel off and remove the axle in order to get the grease onto the bearings. Here's a video on how to grease a bicycle's wheel bearings:

Please DON'T spray WD40 or grease your electric hub motor (the black round thing). If you get any grease or WD40 inside there, the motor could STOP WORKING altogether. I'm guessing your ebike is probably a direct drive hub motor rather than an internally geared hub motor?

You can also de-grease your rear cassette and derailleur with WD40 as they have a lot of grime built up on them. The rear cassette is the thing where the chain runs on that changes gears and the derailleur is the thing the hangs down off the cassette. Both of them are shown in this photo:

Your bike needs a really good clean up - start with a damp rag to get all of that grime off it. You can also use a little WD40 in places where the grime isn't coming off, but don't spray it near any of the electrical components.
Hello Anton ,I have tried to put greese on the motor as shown in the attached photo in the link bellow
Also i have made a full video of the problem.
its 11 minutes (sorry for too much detail)i
i think its something that stops the motor from rotating.
could you please say where did i go wrong?
I'm thinking that this is just a safety feature of the ebike, you have to start rolling before the throttle will kick in.
I have it for 4 years it was never like that.
something makes it stuck at first .
maybe something withinn the motor
how can i dissamble it further?
i have my motor photo shown bellow.
I have it for 4 years it was never like that.
something makes it stuck at first .
maybe something withinn the motor
how can i dissamble it further?
i have my motor photo shown bellow.
That's about the extent if you don't see any problems immediately it's got to be electrical which like I said before the motor is probably shot. Could be the controller also.
Hello Hoggdoc,after i pedal for a few minutes its starts kicking and then it runs smoothly.
It resembles me the difference between static friction and dynamic friction.
the static friction is much stronger and when i pedal it for a few minutes something gets more loose within the motor and it gets free.
is there some ideas where can i look at?
if cleaning the motor area doesn't work. you have a hub motor. a hub motor has 3 hall sensors inside the motor. i suspect one or more
hall sensors have burned out. the hall sensors is what tells the motor what direction to rotate and also allows for a zero start and tells the controller what speed your going. a non-zero start sounds like your problem. you can replace the bad hall sensor(s) but that is not easy if you don't have the experience.
it won't harm the motor if you continue to use the bike as is. some controllers will work with hall and non-hall sensor motors. you could replace the controller with a non-hall sensor controller but you might end up spending a lot of money and headaches and still have the problem.
personally, i would buy a new conversion kit.
i hope this helps. also, i am not an expert on ebikes or motors