Waterproof displays?


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1:29 AM
Jan 8, 2022
I carry our ebikes on a hitch rack and on my RV. Both Bafang mid drives. One with bafang display and one Eggrider.
Bafang says to protect the display from rain.. ?
do you guys have a way to cover/protect the display from rain when transporting the bike? I get into Some downpours at 60+ MPH and wonder if this will hurt the display. My old one didn't have display and was no problem. Sealed front hub and controller.
Any thoughts?
Mornin Greg.

On my displays i use either ACF-50 spray that i apply with a small hobby paint brush or liquid electrical tape
where the display case goes together and also on the wire connectors.

I ride in crazy rain and snow and have had no problems since 2018....
Worst case scenario i suppose that plastic cling wrap for foods always works.
Yes, I thought about sticking a ziplock bag over it and a rubber band (while it’s on the rack). Don’t really need it when it’s not traveling. I’m not riding in that stuff.
That would work.....but I go with the ziplock bag and old piece of coated electrical wire......much stronger in winds and much easier to remove. and reuse.