Wallke X3 Pro

I love mine! No issues at all so far! Have just over 200 miles on it.

wallke x3 pro.jpg
Battery life I've been getting about 50-60 miles on a charge with some pedal assist.
Bike is amazing, better than I thought it would be. Customer support is really good fast to respond through email, their phone does seem to work....

Well priced fat tire ebike and available on Amazon for $1,838.99

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Congrats on yours and getting it issue-free (- probably Fedex?) It is a great bike - or will be.

Got mine on Friday - after weeks of it being lost at UPS. I bought direct from Wallke's website. They are responsive.. but dealing with some issues - lots of damage (cadence/pedal sensor cracked, front fork seems bent/brake alignment/grinding, derailuer guard was crushed in shipping-they told me to bend it back! lol -, scratches from seat post/and front axle bolt not installed during shipping - so it was bouncing the bike around); came with some fun little goodies (alan wrench set and socket wrench (careful it will strip), rechargeable brake light. The wheel rim holes are interesting to lighten the wheel weight - but they expose the actual inner tube.

This version of the X3 Pro they cheaped out with Shimano-"Tourney" derailuer and not the Shimano Altus as advertised and it randomly shifts on its own - need to adjust it - probably because of the guard was smashed into it.

I'm not convinced its a 750W motor - it clearly marked 48V50026 (which to me means 48 volts, 500wats 26"). - If they are running higher voltage say 52V then, yeah you'll get 750W. Sent them an email and awaiting reply. I was able to take a ride with just the throttle, so not sure how its really working.

Its odd that brake regen only engages at above 14mph, and only in PAS 0 or 1 - seems it would make more sense to have it engage when you hit the brakes.

Mods - seat is useless, so getting new seat, and a rack (probably end up with seat post mounted; fender kit; and maybe alarm (living in SF...)