Wallke X3 Pro perfect for some situations


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Feb 10, 2021
I received the bike in mid December, 2020 after ordering it 3 weeks before. I did a lot of research before arriving at this bike. I'm 6'4" tall, 225 lbs so I want a bike appropriate for my size. I didn't want to look like I am riding a clown car. The other concern was that I have very little room in my garage for storage so a folding bike was best. There are very few folding 26" folding ebikes so the Wallke X3 Pro for $1850 was my final choice.

I must say, this is a great choice for my situation. The only thing that I learned since using the bike is that this is not a step-through frame. The result is when I have gone to the grocery store to pick up a few items, because I'm 78 years old, I don't want to fall over while trying to mount the bike. I put the seat all the way down but when riding it's too low so I got a dropper seat post . What the heck is a "dropper seat post "? It is a device that allows the seat to be raised and lowered very easily within seconds without tools. In my case I got one that is lever activated. So I get on the bike with the seat in its lowest position and then at the flick of the seat lever, raise it to a more comfortable peddling position.

Wallke is a great bike. 26" fat tires, full color display, hydraulic brakes, cruise control throttle, 28 mph class 3 (can be restricted through display), full suspension and more. They are either sold directly from California or through Amazon when they again become available.

Important: Customer service has been great.


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Jun 16, 2018
Thanks for sharing your experience, looks like a nice ebike. I've only just learnt about droppers a few months ago. Guys on downhill bikes use them to quickly adjust seat height while riding. Looks like you found a good use for dropper seat posts on an ebike too!