Votani x1 wuth Bafang 400 mid motor rebuild: need some advise and insights

Paul Fix

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Jan 14, 2023
Hello ebike forum people: i live in Hawaii and there is one problem there with e-bikes: intense moist, high damp pressure and salt in the air, and therefor in the waterdamp. very likely this destroyed the E bike electronics in my battery and maybe in the controller. The bike is a Voltani x1 and has a m400 G330.250 bafang mid-motor. However the controller is connected to the battery and is from Darfon, To official repair this i need to order a new battery (while there is only something wrong with some of the internal electronics; it still charges and hold energy...but has no output ) and maybe it needs a new controller : This all is $800 or much more. I look now in an other option: i want to install the original Bafang controller on this bike and when needed a new display (from bafang, with the right plugs). Here are a few questions: what kind of controller belongs to this Bafang m330.250 ? Second: What display would do it and what cables to connect it all do i need. The battery i will use is the one that is on it but it will not have battery communication cables, only the two main + and - feed of the 36volt 14 amp battery. Is that possible, will this work?? The bike also does not has hand-brake control....and a gear sensor....do i need this, can this be dismissed or solved: do i need to install this? AND: Is it possible to program this controller 'at home' and what protocol do i use for this?
I send some pics and the manual from this bike. The bike is hardly used and is as new and is upgraded. it was running great till we had the rain period here on Oahu what destroyed something within the system...Maybe someone of the forum has other suggestions: like it is maybe possible to fix the electronics or find replacement parts somewhere (i can not order them official by the dealer of this bike; BestV bike company....)..I will add a photo of the electronic print and the kind of battery: darfon 36 volt. Mahaolo and greetings Paul


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Did you open the battery ? Maybe there is a wire or the fuse burnt, some batteries have one inside. If you managed to do so could you tell me how you did , I could not figure how to do so as I think there are two bolts on the side with the charger plug that I can't find
Check the wires connections as well