Voro Roadrunner Pro


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2:35 AM
Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
45 mph eScooter. $2900.

I wonder how many miles it can go at 25 mph? He barely scratched the surface, except to say it's in a gray area, legally.

I think it's kind of ugly; I think I'd rather have a Juiced HyperScrambler, even though it's slower.
In the comment section of the video:


1 day ago (edited)
With a full battery and a slight downhill I have hit 57MPH GPS. I love my RR Pro! its just so easy and fun to ride fast!! I have owned mine since first batch. Voro Motors is very quick to respond to any issues with their products and have already updated a few things. Excellent little machine. It definitely turns heads and begs people to ask you questions about it!

Ride it while you can.. Here in NYC, I know plenty of folks would enjoy ripping it up in traffic.