Voltage reducer to power laptop from ebike


Local time
7:19 PM
Apr 28, 2022
I'd like to be able to ride out to the sticks and do some laptoping with better scenery than my home office. Laptop battery only lasts a couple hours. Most laptops seem to run on 20v DC, which is what mine has. I have 48v and a 60v ebike. Looking into buying a voltage reducer, a.k.a regulator a.k.a converter. Kinda think maybe it's important to get a reliable one given that it's an expensive laptop. Wondering if anyone else has done this before? Anything specific to look out for?
thanks guys. yes i am aware that amazon has a search bar. i just thought maybe someone on here has been through this already and ironed out the kinks. I will do some more googling buy one of these and hack it and report back when it's done.