Volition Ebikes Blew Up my Controller then voided the warranty because it was blown up


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Jun 1, 2022
I purchased a new controller from Volition Ebike at Bondi Junction after fittiing it an error was displayed,
so I returned it and they updated the firmware and gave it back.
so after fitting it again a new error, was displayed, a number 12 error this time.
Volition said thats a problem with the controller and asked that I return it.
Not wanting to make another trip to Bondi if theres still a problem I decided to take the whole motor in and asked they fit it and give it back working.
the next day they sent me an email stating...

"We connected the motor just now to a battery using temporary connectors
The motor cable just blew up and a huge amount of smoke came out as well !
We will NOT proceed with any further testing. this motor is too unsafe for us "
They also said the controller is damaged and should be thrown in the bin'

they then informed me that its not covered under warranty because it was blown up,
I said 'But you blew it up"
they said it blew up because of the plug I put on

Although I used an approved plug which was soldered and insulated with heat shrink, they said it happend because the plug used was no good.

Even if this were true... they were obligated to inform me that the plug was no good and if they proceed theres a chance that it may damage and void the warranty.
They wont accept that the controller was returned with an error displayed and due to their neglegence they have voided the warranty with Bafang.

I know People are going to read this and say that cant be true, theres no way a shop could be that unethical, but thats exactly what Im going through with them
Describe any modifications you made to the controller.

There is pretty much no way a motor blows up a controller, unless it is connected wrong, or has serious internal short, which would have shown up in the user's connection attempts.