usable volts


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12:29 AM
Dec 23, 2021
I have a 48 volt ebike and woundering what the low cut out is? I have a volt timer I want to set up so it buzzes before it comes anywhere close to cut off
Most are 39v LVC but you can get others that are 32-35 LVC.

I'd stick around 36-39v LVC
See chart here...
My Juiced Scorpion X lets me set that low voltage threshold …..52 volt is set for 46 volts on mine.
what do you mean? I have high end set at 54.2 and cutoff at 39 and have my alarm set at 42 volts
my high end is 58.3 volts and since I have added a 2nd battery I don’t have to drain these batteries so low, and have chosen 46 for the low end.

The used scorpion X screen displays the current voltage of which ever battery I’m using. I have a 15 amp hour standard and I’ve added a 20 amp hour aftermarket and both of them charge up to 58.3 V