US Ebike proposed regulations open for comment until early June 2020

Grumpy Hiker

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1:42 PM
May 6, 2020
ICYMI, if you want to be able to ride an Ebike on public lands in the U.S., please write or post a comment to be heard within the next month! Four major regulations have been proposed which, as written, would give the authority to ban Ebikes on federal lands to local officials with management responsibilities. State and local rules tend to follow the federal rules. In federal regulations, the number of comments posted on any issue really matters!

There are already many comments posted by opponents of Ebikes, so it is important for this community to speak up, be heard, and to spread the word. US Dept of the Interior Secretary Order 3376 ( ) was intended to provide rules to advance Ebike access to public lands. Unfortunately the regulatory language that has been proposed allows continued discrimination against Ebikes, and once these regulations are final they will be very difficult to change.

My own view is that wherever other bicycles are allowed, Ebikes should be allowed too. But that is not what the proposed rules say. The four agencies that need to hear from you are the National Park Service ( ) , the Bureau of Land Management ( ) , the Bureau of Reclamation ( ) , and the Fish and Wildlife Service ( ). Commenting is easy -- go use the links here, and be heard today!