UPP / Unit Pack Power Warning From USA Consumer Product Safety Commission: "Stop Using"


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Jan 13, 2023
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Not too long ago, UPP batteries were labeled as "Dangerous and unsafe" by the UK government, who required that they be withdrawn from the market.

This was not a surprise to non-apologists for the brand as they've always been known to be cheaply made.

I just came across this warning from the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the USA. Basically the same warning and stop-use recommendation, noting 13 reported instances of overheating and seven fires.

The earlier thread here on this:

Yes, this has been on this path for a while. Some people swear by them, and have had good luck. And then, there are those who have not.
Yes, when you roll the dice, which is what these people are doing, sometimes your number doesn't come up.

I am a member of a private manufacturer/seller group and one of the members who is a high-end battery manufacturer did a tear-down and analysis of the manufacturing techniques and materials, with pictures. Conclusion was the lack of care in assembly, and quality of materials, was appalling. My own personal experience with a UPP pack from years ago was it never blew up, but it used counterfeit cells that wore out very quickly.

Thankfully we're now seeing more public, reliable assessments of the lack of quality. Its always been known in the experienced-DIY-builder community and maybe now the technically-unaware consumer segment will be more likely to pay attention.