Unknown Bike with an Matrix Battery


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Jul 31, 2022
New York , Bronx
Hello everyone, so my brother has an ebike with no brand other then the sticker slapped onto it from the small store he brought it from. Now that he has bad connections with that store and plans to never come back to them, I was wondering if i can help him on his journey on getting to know his ebike. I know nothing of ebikes but my question is..., is there a reputable battery brand that can fit onto this unknown bike frame? The battery on it is called matrix as it shows in one of the images below. After my brother stopped taking it into its original store he had taken it to another bike store and got told that his battery is weird because of it not being to secured (it had some play) and he can't take out the battery anymore. (prior to getting the battery replaced by the original store he was able to take out the battery)


Check the voltage I have seen bars like that on AliExpress Amazon ect if it's just a 2 pin put you should be able to use whatever in the same voltage and amps. You could also use a external one put on the rack.