Universal Mid Motor Cradle Standard?


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May 9, 2021
Hello I'm new to this forum, have built myself an ebike and am thinking of my next mid mount motor. But I want to future proof my bike a bit.

Background, bought a Yuba Mundo V5 frameset, a Merida Cappuccino donor ebike. Hacksawed out bottom bracket, jigged up cradle, TIG'd cradle in, canabalised Merida, built up Yuba. Have toured, New Britain (PNG), Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Langkawi(Malaysia) and Singapore, bike has 10,000km on it and the battery is getting tired (about 6000km motor use, in developing countries I save the battery for the big hills or when sick.

A new Shimano 6000 battery is over $1000AUS . A complete Bafang 620 cargo bike system is $1300AUS.

I could cut the out cradle out, fabricate a new cradle for Bafang and get going. But its a lot of work. I like my Yuba, its a keeper.

My questions:
1. Do any companies have a universal cradle that is a common standard?

2. What modern mid mount motors are compatible with Shimano 5000/6000 series?
First nice build and great TIG work wish I had those talents. I'm not sure about the mid-motor mounts but my gut tells they will be proprietary. Can you get a replacement motor from the MFG or maybe they offer a rebuild service?

As for the battery, your frame mount battery could be replaced with any battery that would fit the space on the frame. The only issues would come from the controller connections and those could be changed on both the battery and the controller to compatible connectors.

Make sure the battery you choose uses, Samsung, LG, or Sony cells and matches the voltage of the old pack. The mA of the new battery only affects the range of the bike.

Don't know if that helps, hope so.