Ultra programming


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8:18 PM
Feb 3, 2022
Can anyone tell me if one can program the Bafang Ultra to 0 pedal assist without messing anything else up? I heal dogs on my bike, and I need to turn the crank to shift my weight from pedal to pedal to counter tugs from the dogs but don't want any assist kicking in and crashing me or choking the dogs. I now have an old Wallke 3.0 and you can just unplug the crank sensor from the controller and everything else works fine, You can full throttle from a dead stop or pedal lightly if you want. I'm looking at a Jeep or a Ridgerunner but I can't find out if the assist can be turned off. Also, I have a bad habit of turning the crank to put my weight on the inside of a turn which sends me off a cliff or into a tree when the assist kicks in. Please tell me it can't be done and save me a lot of money. The cheap Wallke works just fine.