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3:36 PM
Jun 21, 2022

I have a Wayscral E200 E bike.

About 3 months ago,

While I was cycling slowly, on a flat cycle path.

I felt a vibration in my front wheel and a rumbling sound.

I stopped could not understand what it was.

Started off again.

A few seconds later the inner tube exploded.

Damaging the wheel.

4 days ago the same thing happened to my rear wheel!

Do you have any experience of something similar or thoughts?

Since the odds of this being purely accidental are nearly astronomical, what actions did YOU, the human, perform on BOTH WHEELS sometime before this happened?
Hello Nelson37

I think you answered my question.

I did nothing out of the ordinary at all.

Just cycling along mostly flat cycle paths and roads.

There are of course pot holes and some uneven places.

Which to be be fair I do the same trips, routes every day.

Now and again I go somewhere different, like to the hypermarket.

As soon as it happened the first time, I was sure someone did it.

But I can not understand how.

The 1st time, I went about 300m from when it was unattended.

The 2nd time I rode 3km before it exploded.

However the 2nd time it exploded with 35 / 40% of the force of the 1st time.

I am still at a loss to understand what was done.