TSDZ2: How to Set Odometer?


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7:43 PM
Jul 8, 2021
Open-Source Firmware Version 20.1c-22

When I go to Settings/Various/Odometer and change the number, it jumps to 1,400-and-some miles when I exit "Change" mode.

IIRC, I succeeded in changing the odometer value once in the past, but do not recall doing anything different.

What might I be missing?
The Odometer needs to be set to the KM value equal to the Mile number you are looking for. i.e. to get 62 miles, you would enter 100 in the odometer reset field. Then when you exit the 100 will be converted to 62. If you enter 2259 in the field, it will change to right about 1400 after exiting setup.