TSDZ2: Calibration for Real-World Human Power?


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8:44 PM
Jul 8, 2021
I am trying to set up my TSDZ2 w/aftermarket firmware so that the "Human Power" readout bears some relation to reality.

Not having access to any of the bike power meters, I am fiddling around with Settings.Torque Sensor.Weight on Pedal and one of the Settings.Assist Levels.Power Assist values.

I figure that if I can:
  • Create a situation where the motor is providing 1 watt for each watt the rider is supplying.
  • Ride at a speed where the motor is supplying 100 watts and the Human Power = 100 watts.
  • Turn off power assist
  • Get a Human Power readout of 200 watts
I will have calibrated the system to where it shows some reasonable approximation of actual Human Power.

Has anybody done anything like this?

Or is it a fool's errand?