Trying to find an affordable folding/commuter ebike


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May 6, 2022
hello everyone. I'm just getting into e bike trying to find an affordable fold/ commuter. im drawn to the rad power bikes but 1500 is a bit much. I mean payment play isn't bad way to go. i mean at 50-70 a month for almost 3 years but i also kind of like the lectric xp2.0. seem to get good reviews. The payment plan on is a little worse but gets paid off faster at around a 100 a month for around 2 years. i was hoping to get people opinions on either bike and possibly make a decision on one or if someone has a different suggestions. basic use is to and from work maybe trips to get some groceries. and of coarse to just have fun
Seems like you're mostly worry about the cost of the ebike.

To allow better suggestions, you should specific some of your cycling criteria.

How much riding do you plan on doing?

Everyday? few times a week or just on weekends?

Do you expect to ride more than 20 miles, 40 miles on every ride?

Are you limited in storage space when the ebike is not ridden? Do you need an ebike that can be folded into a compact space for storage?

Do you need to carry your ebike up flights of stairs?

Are you comfortable riding a bike or ebike among motor vehicle traffic at speed?

Will you be doing any off-road cycling or just mostly on pavement and hardpack trail?

What kind of off-road terrain do you think you would encounter?

How much volume or weight of "cargo" do you think you want to carry on your ebike?
20 lb., 40 lb. or more?

Do you plan to ride in all weather conditions?
rain, snow, mud, etc..

All those and many more answers would help determine what ebike folks can suggest.

Not everyone need an expensive ebike, not everyone need to build/convert their current bicycle into an ebike.

The important things are to be comfortable on your ebike, so you want to ride more.
If you're unhappy about your ebike, likely you're not going to enjoy cycling.
Cost is an important factor, but IMO, not the most important.
You can have a very fast ebike, but that may not suit your purpose; just get yourself into more dangerous situation with higher speed capability.