Troubleshooting my Bafang 30H problem


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Aug 2, 2021
I have a 250w Bafang mid-drive motor, from which I am getting a 30H problem.

The motor has been going really well, until recently when I obtained one of those lighting expansion kits.

Whilst the kit has been in and had been working well, when I went to test it for its final configuration set up, I noticed the 30H error.

What I have done to diagnose the problem includes...
.... is one of those USB hookups with a computer. This system has been working previously, however since this 30H error, my laptop has not been able to read the data from the motor. Am I right in saying, this somewhat rules out the Bafang display as being faulty.
... I have taken out the insert for the lighting extension, it still does not work. The connection at the motor end looks ok. Although there is no possible way to know for sure if my problems are a faulty pin, unless I can somehow test for a voltage flow from inside the controller to somewhere further down the wire.
... I dont have access to anything else to test it with.

The only place for the problem to be, is in the controller, or the lead from there up to the first plug/connection.

Whilst I am here, are any of the following, a possible cause of this fault...
.... can the lighting extender have a fault?
.... is there an inherent fault with the lighting extender, which may damage the controller?

Given my limited choice in testing equipment, I hope somebody here can give me some clever tip(s)?


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Jun 16, 2018
Did you end up fixing your dreaded error 30H problem? If so, what was the fix for you?