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Mar 30, 2023
Hello, I’m trying to make this as short as possible. My wife and I have always biked together. She was in in accident, and now has a spinal fusion. She has limited function in her neck and balance problems. I suggested that we get an electric trike for her. As I researched though I ran into a few problems that i cannot seem to overcome. First, she is 4”11 and that seems to be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. We also have two dogs that are a combined weight of 50 lbs, so we need a trailer to haul them, this would drain the battery quickly so we are looking for something with a bigger battery that would give us more range. I don’t mind spending the money, it’s just I can’t find anything. If anybody has a suggestion on something that would work, I would be so grateful. Thank you so much.
Catrike makes the Pocket trike and it's designed for smaller riders. You can also get it set up with the excellent Bosch system. It's the same Bosch that my husband has on his Catrike. We do all our trike business through Hostel Shoppe and they can even do more mods, if need be, to get a good fit. Check it out. Catrike Pocket Bosch
Tadpole trikes that are low to the ground can be difficult to mount & dismount for folks who have flexibility issues; similarly to getting in & out of a sports car that's low to the ground.
With older folk with mobility & balance issues, top speed on the trike is not a priority,
but accessibility, ease of getting on & off the trike is.
My in-laws are 4' 9" and 5' 2", they are both in their mid to late 80's, with balance issues and flexibility issues.

I'm currently waiting on delivery of the Lectric XTrike

and SixThreeZero Easy Transit trike.

Both models are below $2K, offer low seat/low standover height, I hope the in-laws will enjoy them this spring.
I'd suggest the Rad trike or possibly Lectric. Idk but I think if I had her issues I'd rather have a bike that may be a little tall for me rather than trying to climb out of a tiny or kids sized trike but that's just me guessing. I would try and find any dealers nearby or even take a short road trip and hit as many places you can test ride some before buying
Rad e-Trike is listed at $2499, vs Lectric at $1499 & SixThreeZero at $1699; that's quite a price difference.
Though, Rad is the only reseller that is shipping customers their e-trikes at the moment, but comparing how these three e-trikes specs,
the Rad e-Trike seems to have a significant cost premium vs the other two.
Back when ATVs first came out, most were 3-wheelers and you learned to ride them carefully especially when cornering. We had 3 of them, my kids all learned to ride them, as well as the wife and myself back in the early '80's. So, I hope I still have some muscle memory left to be careful when riding my Lectric XP trike when it finally shows up, especially when cornering. One trick to riding a 3-wheeler when cornering is to lean the ATV to the outside of the corner, even slightly lifting the inside rear wheel to make the front steering more responsive, and less likely to plow or skid the front wheel. Not sure I would try that now on an electric trike tho!
^^^^^^^^You'd probably agree that those massive balloon tires really helped with cornering.
I would haul the dogs with your own bike given your wife's limitations and take that out of the equation.