Tricky mounting 52v battery on Intense uzzi frame


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Jan 19, 2021
Hello, I've had this bike for years and love it and recently ordered a bbshd kit it's all installed. But I ordered the bigger 52v21ah battery and was planning on having it hang off the bottom.

But I made this template up with the dimensions and now see that its only about an inch away from the tire. I think if I compress the front shock much the wheel will hit the battery pack. What do you guys think?

Should I mount on top of top tube? Does anyone do that?

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Hi there, how did you go with mounting your battery?

That looks way too close to the front tyre, if you compress the forks your tyre will hit the battery and you'll be over the handlebars. I think your only option is to top mount the battery, the bike might be a little top heavy though. How heavy is the battery like 5.5kg's or something? I guess it depends on what sort of riding you are doing.