Trek Verve 2 disk opinions?

Train Dan

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4:01 AM
Jan 13, 2022
Had a look at the Trek at a local shop; price, including a car rack, is within my price range. It seems to have nice features and a Bosch drivetrain.
Any opinions on this bike?
With the Bosch drive you must mean the Verve 2+. I had looked at the Verve for my wife but the non e-bike version then add a Bafang motor to it. It will come out about the same price but have a much more powerful motor and longer range battery. When completely outfitted they should cost about the same. The one thing I waiver with is the FX with a fitness build vs the Verve with the comfort geometry.
'bug, thnx for the comeback, tho' a minute late and a dollar short.... ;) The Verve is already sitting in the garage, absent any negative responses here.
As in many things, getting a turn-key first E-bike likely makes sense. After some experience, may decide to try other things. But I'll be a rail trail rider for the most part, and the Verve should serve well.
Have a roll on carrier for the Jeep.
Again, thnx,
Just purchased a Verve 3. Trek went bottom shelf on the seat, seat post and pedals. Already replaced those. The quil and adjustable handle bar stem are cheap and clubby, will replace those as well. The frame and wheels and brakes seem nice enough though. Probably should have shopped around a bit more though adding bling is always fun.